The early morning news…

It was a regular working day of the week. Mom was serving breakfast and dad was getting ready to leave for office.

I switched on TV as it is my habit to eat while watching television.

There was the usual ranting of news channels about whatever had happened or was happening. When I saw this news:  3 soldiers martyred including a captain in a suicide attack by terrorists in an army camp in kupwara (Kashmir)…

I know that, all the viewers are fed up reading the news of attacks and of the emotional hemorrhage of media and their idiotic questions like, “why do they join forces when they know they will be killed by the enemy?” How can media personnel allow something so foolish like this to be screened?

This does generate a thought in our minds…

Why did this Kashmir problem start? Why do we fear watching news when somebody we know is on duty in a disturbed area like Kashmir…

We get a sigh of relief every time  we come to know our friends are safe… (Wish the same for everyone).

So what exactly is this Kashmir issue?

Why are we compelled to think sadly,  how many lives lost today?

Let us go back a little and get information.

The root cause of the Kashmir problem is article 370…

Article 370 was formed in presence of:
Raja Hari Singh Dogra
Sheikh Abdullah
Ramchandra kak
It was then a state that excluded muslims and excluded them off any political share.
Although Raja Hari Singh did not want to extend Kashmir in either countries, he would allow free movement of people and goods across the nations. An agreement was formed on this basis.
Pakistan signed this agreement.
India did not for obvious reasons.
So pakistan becoming an extremist, stopped sending all the transport, goods, lorries etc. to the Region of kashmir to pressurize India to sign the agreement.
So, according to Ramchandra Guha,
When pakistan signed the accession of Junagarh in India on 13TH sept 1947, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel blatantly refused to give kashmir away,  further stating that, it has to be a part of India.
Now trouble was,  a small village named Poonch at that time had tribal Muslim population in majority and that part wanted to join Pakistan.
So what happened was thousands of tribal pathans ( a caste following Islam) from across the border (pakistan) came in India, and covered a lot of places like baramullah, mujaffarabad and Poonch.
Now due to this tribal invasion the maximum troubled sector was baramullah.
There were all kinds of crimes done there, like looting, killing , rapes, etc.
They attacked people from all religions, not just Hindus.
Then finally on 26th Oct Raja Hari Singh exceeded Kashmir to India and on 27th Oct Indian Army was airlifted there and within one day they pushed back the raiders. By 10th of November the army had regained the Indian territory upto mujaffarabad.
Now due to extreme cold climate the war and battles were ceased. That was the first Indo-Pak war of 1948.

From here starts the story of article 370.

The princely state of Kashmir was exceeded to India only on three points initially:
And foreign trade.

Previously residuary powers were only allowed for people of that state. But over the time to protect Indian Territory and boundaries it became the need to hand over the residuary powers to the centre and it was done so.

Article 370 can be abroagated by the Parliament by 2/3 majority.

Although the article was supposed to cease to exist once the Constitution of India came into existence, some India haters have kept up the issue that the article is not a temporary provision it is permanent.

The Supreme Court hence will decide the fate of Kashmir…

Though whatever the people say, Kashmir has always been a part of India and it will neither go to China nor Pakistan.

Salute to the Indian Armed forces who are fearlessly working hard day and night to protect our land and its people from all sorts of threats to the nation.


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Pre marital thoughts.

Hi everyone!

I just got off the phone with a very close friend of mine. She had the same thoughts as mine of a very famous yet a very common topic in India.

Yes.. You guessed it right! Marriage.

Since we are of the same age and more appropriately according to our society, “the get married age”, we happened to casually discuss our experiences till date with groom hunting.

All the grooms have a really impressive profile and look good. The decision stays in ‘hanged’ mode when either something just doesn’t click right, or we find that he isn’t the one .

Why does this happen? Why do we end up postponing our search to find Mr. Right.

What goes wrong?

Have we kept our expectations high?

Are we not good enough for guys we like?  Guys who like us must be thinking, “what does she want,  or what is it that I am not suitable for her? ”

But seriously guys,  neither you nor we are at fault.

The mind may not be ready, just yet to accept probably, the biggest change of life. Probably there’s a feeling of insecurity in it. The past self experiences and experiences of friends that we see or hear may hamper our decision making.

Do you remember the fb post where it said, “get married when you are really ready?”

We now find ourselves at that same state. Yes. It is true we are on that edge of marital age, where there are all kinds of pressures where companies ask in interviews whether we will be getting married any time now and think before giving us jobs or the pressure from relatives and parents.  Lol I don’t even need to describe it. You all are going through it or have gone through it.

Really, tell me guys, these days the percentage of people staying together is 30% whereas separation is 70%. Now isn’t this analysis definitely scary?  whether it be a love marriage or an arranged one,  if a separation is planned for you it happens and that is really scary because it impacts all your future decisions about absolutely everything in life.

Everyone here wants his or her own space, they have their individual self esteem to respect and expect to get respect. Life is no more the easy going journey like it previously used to be. The fast pacing world has changed all of us and nobody can afford to be left behind. This urges our generation to first get a good career,  make your dreams come true they say and then get married. This is where we get stuck.

We take our careers seriously, we work hard to get there. We reach our destination and then one fine day, we are asked to give it all up for a guy,  all the efforts our parents have taken, the sacrifices they have made all is to be just given up. To get married and live with your husband or your wife (rare).

We know at heart that something is wrong here. Still we keep looking, to find that one person who is really worth it. Who we can completely trust and who is able to understand us. With hopes of a comparatively better future, and with the thought that what is meant to happen will happen and nobody, absolutely nobody dies alone is the sole truth of life.  Yes. God exists and he has set up a life partner for everyone to enjoy the life with.

I wish all of you a happy hunting and a happy retaining to those who have found their right partners.

With this, I stop here on this topic.

I will come up with a new thought tomorrow.

Do tell me if you liked this article or not and feel free to share your ideas,  opinions,  views and suggestions.

Bye everyone.